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Are all car insurance policies the same?

I read an interesting article today that I wanted to share with you.  It talked about are all car insurance policies the same and cover the same incidents and exposures.  Let me know what you think.

  1. Undisclosed household residents: How many of you live with a significant other, have had a child move back into live with you or have another person living in your house that you have not disclosed to your insurance company?
  2. Business use: Do you ever use your car to run an errand for your employer? Go to the bank or post office or buy office supplies?
  3. Use of a non-owned vehicle: Ever borrowed someone else’s car. Have a young person drive a friends car to run an errand?
  4. Any type of delivery. Denied claims include pizza, newspaper and Mary Kay cosmetics.
  5. Street racing: Google “street racing” and see how often people are killed or critically injured.
  6. Criminal acts: DUIs or even speeding tickets may preclude coverage.
  7. Medical payments only include licensed physician fees. When you or a loved one is on a flight for life helicopter it’s not the time you want to find out about this exclusion that could cost you 25K.
  8. Theft of vehicle without evidence of forced entry. Ever leave your keys in the car?
  9. Sales tax: Think how much out of pocket this would cost you if your policy didn’t cover the sales tax if your car needed to be replaced.

If you have your insurance with us, you won’t find these exclusions in our policies. If you’re not insured with us, ask your insurance agent if these 9 senarios are excluded or limited in any way.

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