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Beware of Home Scams this Summer

Summertime may be a time of relaxation and vacations for most, but unfortunately fraudulent contractors don’t take the summer months off. Instead, these scammers take advantage of the fact that people are out of their typical routines during the season, and use those distractions to con homeowners in a variety of creative and dangerous ways.

In this article, we uncover the two most common forms of summertime scams, and provide some tips for protecting yourself from these fraudsters.

The Most Common Contractor Scams in Summer

Contractor / Home Repair Scams

Contractor fraud can happen at any time, but homeowners should be especially cautious during the summer months. For significant portions of our country, summer is storm season and any storm could potentially damage your home or business. Natural disasters like tornados, hurricanes, flooding and wildfires may bring out the best in people. Still, unfortunately, some individuals prey on those who are adversely affected by these disasters.

It is important to be cautious of “Storm Chasers,” or out-of-town contractors who come into areas affected by a natural disaster or large storm to solicit business. Although not all of these out-of-town contractors are scammers, some certainly are.

Keep in Mind: Roofing scams are the most common type of contractor fraud in the summer.

These contractors may offer quick fixes that do not truly repair the damages to your home. They may also make big promises they cannot deliver, leaving you in the lurch. Another danger is that the contractors may also lack proper licensing in your area.


Get multiple estimates.

Get everything in writing.

Contact your insurance company. Ask about your policy coverage and specific filing requirements.

If you are displaced, save all receipts, including those for food, temporary lodging and other expenses that may be covered under your policy.

Do your research on the contractor you are considering hiring. Check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints before you hire a contractor.

Resist high-pressure sales. Be cautious of phone or door-to-door sales pitches from unknown contractors.

Request and obtain a written contract before work starts.

Read all documents a contractor asks you to sign. Be cautious of signing over any rights you have on your insurance claim to a contractor.

Be careful in allowing contractors you do not know to inspect your roof or any other area of your home you cannot see like attics, crawl spaces and ducts. Although most contractors abide by the law, some don’t. An unethical contractor may create damage to get work.

Summer should be a time to relax and enjoy the sunshine. By being aware and careful, you can avoid scams and fraud that ruin your fun in the sun.

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