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Have you Heard of Infotainment Data?

Most people are aware of the information that can be collected from a vehicle’s “black box.” However, the information that can be gained from the Infotainment Center in a vehicle is not as widely known.

Infotainment Data, also referred to as IVI, is the term used to describe the collection of hardware and software inside the vehicle’s computer, separate from the black box.

Almost every vehicle made since 2015 has some form of IVI system. And any time a device connects to the vehicle through a USB or Bluetooth, the information from the device is pulled/dumped into the IVI. Unlike the black box, which only saves data upon a triggering event, such as a collision, the data within the IVI is constantly recording and saving at all times.

Insurance carriers have been able to utilize data pulled from IVI to protect their insureds from potential fraud. Here are just a few examples of how the data has been and can be used to keep our policyholders safe from attempted fraud:

A person called the police and filed a report stating a policyholder hit their vehicle causing damages to the vehicle and injuries to the occupants. The insured denied being involved, but the claimant had a police report and the insured’s vehicle did have some damages consistent with what was claimed. The insurance company pulled the data from the IVI which confirmed the vehicle was not involved in the loss.

“Jump-in” is a common tactic used by fraudsters. This is where a person will tell the insurance company that there was an occupant of a vehicle struck by an insured and that they sustained injuries as a result. This typically will take place in minor accidents where the police are not notified. The information pulled from the IVI can tell us how many people were in the vehicle and catch the attempted jump-in claim.

The IVI data can show if someone was texting, calling, or using apps on their phone at the time of a collision.

There is a multitude of ways this data can be used in investigations, and insurance carriers will continue to use technology to fight fraud and protect their policyholders.

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