Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Multiple Providers

Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, you should regularly review your home insurance coverage. Without proper protection, you remain exposed to serious financial loss in the event of a fire, storm or break in. However, choosing the right policy can be difficult; many factors must be considered when selecting the proper insurance package to protect your home and belongings.

At The Jemez Agency, our experienced agents have the knowledge and insight needed to help you compare multiple home insurance quotes quickly and easily. Whether you wish to request an online home insurance quote or discuss your coverage needs directly with one of our independent agents, we will work to ensure that you receive multiple quotes that address all of your needs and protect the property you have worked so hard to obtain. Contact our Los Alamos or Santa Fe, New Mexico, office for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

We Provide Clear Answers to Your Homeowners Insurance Questions

When comparing quotes from multiple homeowners insurance providers, it can be challenging to determine the amount and extent of the coverage offered by each policy. We work to help you understand the details of each available policy and offer answers to your questions.

Some common questions we hear include:

  • Will the quoted policy protect all of my personal property? Homeowners insurance is designed to protect more than just your home; a well drafted policy will also cover your personal property, including items within your home or possession. However, most basic policies do not offer coverage for fine art or jewelry, making it necessary to select supplemental protection. We work to make sure that all of your property is covered under your new policy, and that the values of said property are current and clearly defined.
  • Does the quoted policy cover the full cost of my home? Any home insurance policy you obtain should cover the cost of replacing your entire home and all related personal property. We will review all quotes with you to ensure that your coverage levels are adequate.
  • Am I covered against any contingency? The New Mexico area offers unique dangers to homes and personal property, including wild fires and hail. We will help you understand how the quoted policies address damage and losses caused by forest fires, hail and other potential damage-causing scenarios.
  • What happens if someone is injured on my property? Personal Liability provide protection for you against lawsuits for losses sustained on your property. We will help you understand your personal liability coverage and address any deficiencies in the protection the quoted polices provide.
  • Are discounts available on this home insurance policy? Certain discounts do exist that may lower the cost of your premiums, including multi-policy discounts. By insuring your home and auto through the same provider, you may be able to reduce the amount you pay for protection.
  • Does The Jemez Agency offer multiple quotes for comparison? Absolutely. As an independent insurance agency, we work with multiple insurance providers to obtain several quotes for you to compare and choose from.
  • How can I request a home insurance quote? Requesting a quote from The Jemez Agency is simple and can be done in a number of ways. You may request a home insurance quote online or call one of our offices to discuss your policy needs. State-wide, please call 888-280-4317.  In Los Alamos, call 505-662-5181. In Santa Fe, call 505-424-8049.

Contact our New Mexico insurance agency or call us today for more information regarding your home insurance needs. We proudly serve clients throughout New Mexico, and have been helping homeowners in the Taos, Albuquerque, Espanola, Santa Fe and Los Alamos areas for more than 50 years.