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One Second in Time Could Last a Lifetime

With the start of the holiday season upon us, I thought I would remind the large number of people who will be driving to see friends and relatives, it only takes a second.

By now I believe 105 percent of the U.S. has a portable computer in their pocket that we still call a “phone,” even though no one actually talks on it anymore. What we do is tweet on X (formerlyTwitter), comment on Facebook, post on Instagram, send a Gmail, respond to a Text, read ESPN updates, make store purchases, and on and on.

The benefits of these devices are incredible. Unfortunately, the side effects are anything but. We have trained our brains to think we need to have access to information the instant it happens. Everyone wants to be the first to text a friend about breaking news, or to retweet something important. When this becomes a real problem is when we’re behind the wheel of a car.

Has your phone ever given you an alert when you were driving?   If so, then you know the urge to check the message that very second. It can be a powerful urge that you literally have to wrestle with, but I urge you to WAIT!

Driving is not something that we should take lightly. It requires our full attention and all it takes is one second for something to happen. I understand the urge to see what someone has texted or e-mailed you, but ask yourself this, “Is looking at my phone while driving worth hurting myself or someone else?”

I think this is the best way to handle the distraction of your phone while driving. Constantly remind yourself of what could go wrong if you do. The dangers far outweigh the benefits you get from looking at a text. If you are expecting an important message and you must look at your phone, then simply pull off the road into a parking lot so you can take care of the issue. Then you can get back on the road.

I want to leave you with this reminder. One second of your life is not worth a lifetime. You are too important and everyone around you is too important to take the chance. No matter how skilled of a driver you are….it only takes one second to change everything.

Wishing everyone safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving

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