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Recruiting Quality Employees To Your Small Business

In a competitive job market, it may seem like a challenge for small businesses to compete for top talent, but it might not be as difficult as once previously thought. Smaller companies often have a lot to offer that big businesses do not.  Small companies often offer more flexibility, more job diversity, and the possibility of high growth.   It’s important to make a case for why your business is an attractive place to work. If you’re having difficulty building your workforce, you may want to look to new perspectives.

Here are some tips to aid in the search for the right candidate:

Checks and Balances

Don’t rely on one person to do all the work. The key to hiring the best choice for your open position is to make sure you are considering all your candidates as options and utilizing different perspectives within your organization in the hiring process.

Look Outside the Box

If you aren’t having luck using your current methods of posting jobs, look to new mediums in which you can advertise your available position. Are your current employees able to easily share and talk-up the opening? According to, you also want to be sure you are drafting the right posting, making sure to describe the position, qualifications, and key duties in order to make sure the right applicants are applying. Be sure to utilize the internet and print alike.

Start Early

Get your image out into your community early and often. A great way to make an impact in the community, and in your future hiring, is to work with local high schools, colleges, and young professional organizations. Consider utilizing interns or apprentices as an avenue to train someone who may not be currently qualified but has potential to contribute to your business.

Be Open to Change

If you aren’t having success recruiting or keeping the types of employees you want, look for suggestions from peers in your industry to determine how they are gaining and retaining quality employees. Local networking and commerce associations are a great way to gain perspective from business owners and organizations like yours in order to see what’s working in your community.

Culture is key

What does your business and team of employees represent? One of the best ways to gain traction in building your workforce is to determine the mission of your business and promote that culture from within by using coaching and teambuilding exercises. This way, prospective employees can see your culture and know if they will be a good fit for the role.

When in doubt, ask some of your current employees for recommendations and feedback. Be open with applicants and current employees as to what you are looking for and be ready to discuss what type of person is the right fit for your open role and what you have to offer them.

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